What A Difference A Chair Makes

When I remodeled my sewing room, I was looking for a chair that matched my decor and was on sale. Ergonomics was not a factor in my search.  I found such a chair at my local Office Depot for $50.

Over the years this chair and my back have been at a constant battle.  I have tried lumbar pillows, cushions, etc to no avail.  Then, it wasn’t long before the faux leather begin to show it’s wear.


It was definitely time to look for a new chair.  I wanted a chair that was designed with the sewer in mind.  So  I looked at Horn, Bernina and Koala sewing chairs.  All the chairs are comfortable and have good ergonomic features.  But the Koala sewing chair was a better choice for me.

I like the fact that it has multiple height adjustments and a foot rest.  The height feature corresponds to the various heights Koala offers for their cabinets.  This meant I could  also sit at my cutting table and pressing station to do various tasks.

I planned to wait for the holidays to purchase the chair.  Then it happened, I was asked what I wanted for Christmas.  Guess what I said? ūüėÄ  I went with the mocha upholstery and the Brazilian finish.

My  chair arrived a few weeks later.  I found Koala’s YouTube video on how to assemble the chair.   It took all of ten minutes.


I’m in love my chair. My back is in love with my chair. It’s been great being able to get up and not feel stiff.  Not only am I sewing longer, but my experience in my sewing room has become more enjoyable.


Now, if only my Bernina would arrive. Due to overwhelming response to their holiday sale, my machine has been on back order.   However,  my dealer called me last week.  She informed me my machine has arrived in the USA.  I should have it within the week.  I wanted to ask which dock was it on?   Skip the shipping, I’ll go get it. LOL!!

Well that’s all for now.

Until next time………keep sewing! 











A New Blogging Year -2017

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, not only is it a New Year, but it’s almost the middle of January. ¬†Geez!!!

Well a lot has taken place since my last posting.  Just as I was about to start my Fall/Winter sewing, I was told I needed surgery.  Nothing too serious but enough to have me convalescing for 6 weeks.  All went well and I feel so much better.

While recovering, I thought I would use the time to overhaul my blog. ¬†I wanted a simple, clean and modern look. ¬†I’m using Blue Host with WordPress. ¬†This is not a sales pitch for either , but I really like the ease of both. ¬†During the import, some of my copy/paste photos disappeared from some posts. ¬† I recovered as much I could, but some past post maybe missing photos. ¬†My apologies. ¬†As time allow, I may go back and manually recover them. ¬†I like the end result, but I do see me changing the color and header photo down the road. ¬†Also, I accidentally permanently ¬†deleted ¬†my blogger blog before I redirected the url. ¬†ARGHHHHHH!!!! ¬†So, I’m hoping followers make it to the new blog.

Also while ¬†recovering I started my first quilt project, a Christmas table runner. ¬†Yes, I have a hidden desire to add quilting to my tool belt. ¬†I watched Amy Gibson beginner quilting classes on Craftsy and got started. ¬†I had no clue as to how I would like cutting half square triangles and piecing. ¬†But to my surprise I found it pretty cool. ¬†I think it’s the precision in the cutting that I like. ¬†Anyway, I was so excited that I had reached the quilting stage. ¬†I decided to do straight line quilting, to keep it simple. I prepared my machine, I attach my walking foot, lower my feed dogs, threaded her with premium ¬†cotton thread and made sure no one would hear me sewing. ¬†(Yes I was a little hard headed during my recovery) ¬†Everything was going well, then my machine started coughing up stitches and creating thread blobs on the back. ¬†What the heck!! So, I’m working to adjust thread tension, re-threading, etc to no avail. ¬†Basically, my Brother ¬†PC-420 and the Brother dealer said she doesn’t quilt!! Great, so my quilting project was put aside.

Last Fall, I went into my local Bernina dealer and fell in love with B770 with embroidery. ¬†But it went on my wish list. I couldn’t wrap my head around the price at the time. ¬†But, I made regular visits. ¬†Now, I’m no stranger to Bernina’s. ¬†That is the only machine my mother will use. ¬†I’ve looked at other brands but found myself coming back to a Bernina. ¬†So, I sneaked out of my own house to do some shopping. (trust me I paid for it) ¬†On my way home, I stopped at the Bernina dealer. ¬† The ¬†owner ¬†told me about the holiday deal on the B770. ¬† Purchase a B770 and get either the embroidery module or quilting kit free. ¬†With the holiday deal and the price she was offering on the B770, the saving off the ¬†retail price with embroidery module was worth considering. ¬†I knew a deal like this was not going to come around again any time soon. ¬†So I went home to think, think, think and think. ¬† I placed the order and didn’t past out. ¬†I’m currently waiting for her to arrive.

While I’m waiting, I started working a pair of pant and matching top. ¬†I’m hoping to complete this week, so I can blog about them next week. ¬†My PC-420 is back to her normal performance. We’re still having our regular startup discussion about tension, stitch ¬†quality, etc.

Well that’s all for now.

Until next time………..keep sewing!!!



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