My Pants Are Done!!!

Well they are finally finished!!!  I am so excited to get them completed, I could not wait until this weekend for my friend to take a picture of me. 

Pants Project Stats:

Pattern: B5222
Fabric: Dark brown wool gabardine from B.Black&Sons
Lining: Brown bemberg rayon from B.Black&Sons (60 wide)

Unique Notion: Jiffy fusible waistband interfacing with ban-rol. I love this waistband interfacing. A local fabric store carried it, before they closed. I stocked up, but my stash is getting low.  I can not find it anywhere.  I guess I will have to covert to just ban-rol.
Reference Book: Singer’s Pants that Fit

Pattern Adjustments:

I started out using V7881 by Claire Schaeffer but was having a time increasing the hip, abdomen and thigh to fit. I remember I had a pants pattern by Connie Crawford B5222.  Her pattern line includes women plus sizes.  The great thing about this pattern is that is it petitable which is a plus for me and the sizes go up to a 6x. The pattern also has what I call a base line sway back adjustment. You basically adjust the base line to fit you.  That made things much easier for me.  Another adjust I had to make was for the abdomen, I added 1/2 inch. The last adjustment I made, was to widen the pants leg width. I like a fuller pants leg better than tapered a leg.


I followed the pattern instruction’s for the most part. But, I also added a few things that were not included in the instructions.  First, I added interfacing to the zipper area for better stability’s.  I used tricot interfacing. Second, I added a lining.  I have this thing about pants being lined. The last thing I added was a hem facing. With petitable patterns I usually add an inch to the hem because most of the time the hem is too short for my taste. For my pants, I like my hem to be long enough for 2.5 -3 inch heels. (I love my heels) This time I forgot to add an inch to the hem, so my work around was to add a hem facing.

Would I make this pattern again?
Yes, once I decided to use this pattern the fit and construction was easy.  I’m using this pattern as my TNT for the time being. The only thing that I will add to my construction of this pattern next time, is a fly shield.  Here are some pictures of my pants.

I’m planning to make a couple more pair in linen. That will be after my PR weekend in Chicago. Need to do some linen shopping.  My next project in the mean time is V1220. I’m making this in dark navy cotton lycra sateen.

Well until next time…….keep sewing

Where Has The Time Gone????

I have been crazy busy with work, training and studying for an upcoming certification exam. Needless to say very little sewing has taken place.  But I have managed to get to the final stages on a pair of dark brown wool gabardine pants.

 Finding RTW pants that fit me has always been is very difficult for me.(slim or plus size)  Also, I am particular about my pants being lined.  I think if you are asking $105 for a pair of 100% wool pants, they should be lined.  Sorry, I digressed.  Anyway, I was saying  fit is an issue for me.  I have full hips with a sway back, so when I sit down the world can see my cute undies and I’m constantly having to make sure my tops are covering me when I sit.   So, I decided it was time for me to start making my own pants.  I didn’t care how many muslin fitting it would take, I was determined to get the fit I want.

It took 3 muslin fitting and patience with myself to get the fit perfected.  I made my pants a little snug because I’m losing weight.  Sewing while you’re losing weight is tricky.  I will be posting pictures this weekend.

I am so excited about sewing for the Spring and Summer.  When I received my email from Vogue Patterns with those beautiful spring/summer dresses I about lost it!!  This came right on time, because, I want to wear more dresses to work.  But currently I only have one dress that I would wear to work (yes, I know that is pitiful ).  So here are three patterns I have select thus far for work.  By the way JoAnns had Vogue patterns for 3.99 and I cleaned up.

Vogue 1220

This is a nice spin on the shirt dress.  I order a dark  navy blue stretch cotton sateen from fashion fabric club.

Vogue 1222
I love the lines on this dress. It is simple and elegant.  I have decided I want  use a tropical wool. Just not sure of the color yet.  I have black in my stash.  
Vogue 1241
What can I say about this pattern….but gorgeous.  I am not a print person, but I have decided this will be my out of my comfort zone dress.  I am attending Pattern Review Weekend in Chicago ( so excited, my first one!!!) so I am going shop for a print at Vogue Fabrics.
Well that’s it for now.
Until Next Time……..Keep Sewing