What A Difference A Chair Makes

When I remodeled my sewing room, I was looking for a chair that matched my decor and was on sale. Ergonomics was not a factor in my search.  I found such a chair at my local Office Depot for $50.

Over the years this chair and my back have been at a constant battle.  I have tried lumbar pillows, cushions, etc to no avail.  Then, it wasn’t long before the faux leather begin to show it’s wear.


It was definitely time to look for a new chair.  I wanted a chair that was designed with the sewer in mind.  So  I looked at Horn, Bernina and Koala sewing chairs.  All the chairs are comfortable and have good ergonomic features.  But the Koala sewing chair was a better choice for me.

I like the fact that it has multiple height adjustments and a foot rest.  The height feature corresponds to the various heights Koala offers for their cabinets.  This meant I could  also sit at my cutting table and pressing station to do various tasks.

I planned to wait for the holidays to purchase the chair.  Then it happened, I was asked what I wanted for Christmas.  Guess what I said? 😀  I went with the mocha upholstery and the Brazilian finish.

My  chair arrived a few weeks later.  I found Koala’s YouTube video on how to assemble the chair.   It took all of ten minutes.


I’m in love my chair. My back is in love with my chair. It’s been great being able to get up and not feel stiff.  Not only am I sewing longer, but my experience in my sewing room has become more enjoyable.


Now, if only my Bernina would arrive. Due to overwhelming response to their holiday sale, my machine has been on back order.   However,  my dealer called me last week.  She informed me my machine has arrived in the USA.  I should have it within the week.  I wanted to ask which dock was it on?   Skip the shipping, I’ll go get it. LOL!!

Well that’s all for now.

Until next time………keep sewing! 











Sewing Room Pictures

I recently added my sewing room to “Photos of Your Sewing Space” on patternreview.  My sewing room has evolved over the past 2 years. I now have a space that I absolutely love. Currently, I am in the process of moving my pattern collection to a space that will allow for growth. I had them in a dresser that I out grew. So I decided to store them in a elfa drawer system from the container store.

If you would like to see my sewing room click here .

Until next time……keep sewing!!