Final Summer Dress – V8871


The leaves are beginning to fall , temperatures are a little cooler and my neighbors cat think’s my front porch is his second home.  Ahhhhh the beginning of Fall!!!
I wanted one last dress for the summer, so I pulled out pattern V8871.  I have made a color block version on of this dress a while back.

I used a red bamboo that I purchased at Mood’s back in May.  This was my biannual year for fabric shopping in NY.  This dress is very simple and quick. The only adjustments that I made was to lower the shoulder 1/2 inch.  This removes the gaping at the armholes due to full breasts and broad shoulders.  I didn’t need a FBA.  To add a little pizzazz, I used black 1 inch folder elastic on the neck and arms.

 I really like the flow of this dress. It’s a style you can dress up, down or just grab and go.
I’ve been busy planning my fall/winter projects.  It’s been a little challenging, it seems like I need everything, pants, blouses, coats, etc.  Have you ever looked at your closet full clothes only to realize that you need cloths?  Well that is my dilemma, but I’m making progress.
I think my approach will be sewing more outfits along with single pieces.  Right now I’m working on pants, top and wrap outfit.


Well that’s all for now.
Until next time…….keep sewing!!


My Aqua Dress — Vogue 8995

Wow!!!  I didn’t realize it would take this long to post.  I have to tell you  finding time to sew, blog, knit, work, exercise and garden has been a challenge for me this year.  It just seems like I’m all over the place.
Recently, I was on Susan Khaljie website ordering silk organza. (btw, she has 60 wide for $13.50) I was looking at the student profiles and found myself reading about  Kikanza Nuri-Robins. What struck me is her answer to “how do you find time to sew?”  Her response ,” I have plenty of time to sew. I schedule it like everything else that’s important.”  Talk about a light bulb moment!!!  That was my answer.  So, I got busy prioritizing my life.  I have to tell you it’s working.  I’ve got more sewing done in the last month and half than all year!!  I’ve even started scheduling blog time.
So this leads me to V8995.  I actually started this dress last year.  I ran into some fit issues became frustrated and put it down.  Actually I was going to classify it as a UFO.  But I pick it up last month and decided to figure out the issues.

The issue was gaping in the armholes and  neck.  I wasn’t sure to how to fix the problem.  Now I have a library sewing books, so I decided to treat this like research.  I pulled out The Perfect Fit by Singer. Sure enough I found the problem and solution.  The gaping at the armhole is caused by the combination of a full bust and narrow shoulders. The solution is to lower the shoulder no more than 3/4″ on the front bodice only.  So, I removed the lining and started experimenting with different amounts.  The final amount for me was 1/2″.  That solved both armhole and neck gaping.
This dress has a lot of opportunity for color blocking, piping and other creative ideas.  But I decided to make it monochromatic.  The color itself was a step out my color zone. (baby steps :))
The fabric is a linen that I found at Hancock a couple years ago.  To help reduce the wrinkling, I used pro-tricot deluxe fusible (fashion sewing supply) as an underling instead of silk organza. I really like the feel of the linen with this fusible. The lining is a beige bemberg. Overall, I ‘m happy the dress.
My last post was to complete the Appleton Dress.  That dress is still in the queue and I will post on it soon,
Also, I playing around with pages on my blog.  Looking to add my knitting adventures.  Stay tuned.
Until Next Time……Keep Sewing!!