The Crafty DBA – A New Direction

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to thecrafydba. It’s been awhile since my last post.  In the past that usually meant work had taken over my life and very little sewing had taken place.  Well, this time was a little different.  I took time to think about the direction I wanted to take my blog and my crafts.

When I began blogging it was to solely to journal my sewing.  I had not put much thought into the direction of my sewing or the style of my blog.  Back then I was so excited to see sewist blogging and sharing, I wanted to be part of community. Plus it seemed a really cool thing to do.  But I had no structure hence very little commitment to my blog.

My crafty life has been pleasantly different this year.  Knitting and quilting has become an active part of my life.  I will being sharing more about that in future posts. My garment sewing finally has direction. I’ve struggled for a while as to my style and what to sew.  I would began a project then put it down.  I finally understand and embrace my style. This has truly brought back much enjoyment for me. I’m looking forward to posting my latest project.

So what does this all mean?  My blog is now about the crafts that I enjoy sewing, knitting and quilting.   I wanted a name/title that represented the essence of my blog. I won’t even begin to share the concoction of names I went through. Finally it hit me these are crafts and I’m a DBA by day.  Voila,  “thecraftydba”. It really suits me and I love it!!   Next, I sat down to plan my blog schedule, posts and projects. Planning has been difficult, but I’ve press on and it’s making a difference for me.

Now, I’m ready to move forward with my blog.  I’m looking forward to sharing my next weekly post.

Have an awesome and crafty week!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!








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