Trench Coat – Part 1

Thanks so much for the comments on my dress, I really appreciate them.  I really enjoy wearing my dress.  The jersey lining feels so luxurious against the skin. This lining will definitley be a staple for me.

OK. I’m really not ready for fall weather, but it is approaching. The cool mornings followed by mildly warm afternoons are here in Ohio. Groovey!!  So this means I need to wrap up my wool flannel pants this week and get started on my trench coat.

Much of the prelimanary work for my coat is done.  I selected Silhouettes #1925 over McCall’s M5525.  I like this pattern for a couple of reasons.   First, the pattern has cup sizing. This means no FBA adjustment. Second, the size range covers my measurements. Which means, I will not have to add width in the hip area. Last, is the design detail.  Vogue Pattern magazine Oct/Nov issue has a great article “Sewing Clothes You will Love to Wear”.  The article has great information on how to develop the best look for your shape.  On the Silhouette, the front pockets are on an angle which is more slimming for my shape.

I chose a black cotton/lycra sateen and polyester black/white paisely for the lining. I also decided to try interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply.  Gertie has blogged about this interfacing on her current coat sew-along.  I purchased the Pro-Weft Supreme medium weight.

For added fun, I decided to make a hat using Vogue V8844.  I’m thinking a black cotton velveteen with red under the brim.

Well if all goes to plan, I will be working on my muslin this weekend.

Until next time…….keep sewing!!!

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