My New Sewing Room

I wasn’t sure where to start with my first blog post.  I thought about writing on my current project, then I changed to the bound buttonhole technique I just learned.  Then it hit me, write about the remodel of your sewing room.  After all,  it played an integral part in bringing me off my sewing hiatus.

A little background.  I have been on a sewing semi-hiatus for about 3 years.   But in that time, I did  manage to complete a few garments here and there.  I wasn’t sewing at the frequency I was before my hiatus.  At one point I was making 50% of my wardrobe.  I gained a few pounds, okay I gained alot of pounds.  It made altering patterns challenging and I began to lose my enthusiasm.
About a year ago, I started following sewing blogs.   WOW!!  I couldn’t believe the number of sewing blogs.  But there were some that I found myself reading weekly, then almost daily.  I have to tell you these blogs have been  motivating, inspiring, informative and have helped to jump started my creative  juices.  But as I begin to spend more time in my sewing room, the yellow painted walls , the hodge podge of furniture and the lack of organization began to distract me.  So I decided to remodel my sewing room. 

So, I begin researching sewing rooms and sewing furniture.  Koala and Horn of America cabinets are awesome, but out of my budget for this project.   I wanted to complete this  remodel for under $800.  This budget  included everything; paint, furniture, organization, decorative items, etc.  I stumbled on The Ikea Sewing Room.  Voila!!!  Here was my solution.  The interesting thing is that I pass Ikea everyday going to work and it never occurred to me to it could be my solution.  Anyway, I begin creating my new sewing room.  My color scheme is taupe, black and white.  Sorry I do not have before pictures, but  I never imagined I would catch the blogging fever.

Pressing Station

I wanted a  pressing  area in my room.  I found a YouTube video on how to make a pressing board.  I followed this video and made a board to fit the dimensions of my area.  A friend found a kitchen cabinet on Craig’s  list for $40 and I got the second cabinet on sale at Lowe’s for $70.  I love  my pressing area.  I have storage for all my pressing tools. I also added a wall shelf and a floor lamp for additional lighting.

 Pattern Storage

I had nine banker boxes of patterns.  So, I went through my patterns and scaled down.   Then I went on the hunt for pattern storage ideas and came across Kitty Couture blog on pattern storage.  Her idea sent me to Ikea.  I love this aneboda dresser.  I was able to fit all my patterns with space to spare.  I organized by patterns vendor.  Long term goal is to complete my pattern database in Access.   The top of the dresser  also doubles as a place to display my sewing knic-knack’s.

Cutting Table
I’ve had this table for 13 years.  I purchased it from a coworker for $50.  The table had become wobbly over the years.  My first thought was to replace the table.  But I couldn’t make my mind up on what I wanted.  So, I looked into refurbishing the table.  My friend husband came to the rescue.  He placed L brackets on the leg panels.  Voila!!! my table is as good as new.  Next issue was additional lighting above my cutting table.  I came across a lamp on JCPenny website.  The lamp was originally $120, I got it for $30.  What a bargain!!!! 

Sewing Table

I wanted a L shape configuration.   So back to Ikea I went.  I  decided on  the vika amon table collection to create my L shape desk.  I absolutely love the table space and being able to turn to use my serger.  This table setup came to  $52.  I also found a grommet kit at Ikea.  The kit included 3 covers and the device to create the holes for $9.  I had 3 holes strategically cut on the tables for cords.  I found my black leather chair at office depot on sale for $50.00. 

Fabric Stash

My fabric stash is currently in the closet.  This area is still under construction.  I struggled with how I want to organize this space.  I have dormers so I don’t have alot of wall space.   I  decided to use  elfa storage from the container store.  Ikea has similar storage for much less, but they lack the flexibilty to customize.    I customized two racks on thier website.  The first 41 in height, 22 wide, mesh drawers with a white top.  Second, 41 inches in height, 14 wide , mesh drawers with a white top.   I’m currently waiting for the next elfa sale before I purchase.
The additional items added; an Ikea billy bookcase,  full length mirror , a pillow bed for Buster (my shihtzu) and  an Ikea vika TV stand. Below are few more pictures. My total amount spent so far is $520.23. Not bad!!! I must say…..I love my new sewing room.

View from the door way



Billy Bookcase


Until next time………keep sewing
P.S. Thanks to my very dear friend Kelly.  She gave me the name ‘When Needle Meets Thread’

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  1. Lovely lovely sewing room. You have a gift for sewing and I have a gift for designing. Revel in it and create something fabulous for you and friends. I say enjoy your passion. I can't wait to see all the wonderful things that come out of your sewing room.

  2. Your sewing room looks very nice. Renee I too was taught to sew by mom and very passionate about making my own clothes. You have given me the nudge to start my blog after months of procrasting. I will be taking the plunge very soon.

  3. Renee,

    Your new sewing room is lovely…since I'm still working through the plans for mine…I'm truly impressed with your pressing station…it's fantastic!

    Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

  4. I keep coming back to this page to check out your sewing room so that must mean I adore it. I'm currently trying to plan out my own sewing room using a spare bedroom. Not sure exactly how to because I'm taking sewing lessons and I have no experience to help me decide what the best layout is for me. Thanks for the pressing station info, I'm definately going to use that idea.

    Gina M.

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